1. Rosa Diamond says

    okay why is it that when Rihanna wears basically nothing she is called sexy
    and beautiful and praised for it but then when other celebrities (perfect
    example being Ariana Grande) dress a little sexy (but nothing close to as
    naked as this) they are beat down for it and called a slut and a whore??
    please explain? 

  2. Ashleigh W says

    Rihanna is a gorgeous stunning woman and has a great body…you can’t take
    that away…but I find these pictures trashy, classless, slutty and
    scantily clad…I don’t find having zero self respect, dignity, class, and
    home training sexy in any way…but I also respect how some people find
    this sexy…we all have different tastes and opinions….I’m just saying

  3. Akua Komla Mawutor says

    I think Rihanna is too much .
    To be frank to the world , I’m interest in this girl.
    I want to love her with all my life.
    So am waiting for her call one day.
    Miss you Rihanna .

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