1. Clare Mathews says

    I was there it was brill but it took so long for nicki to come on he was so
    funny, not shy one bit! God bless him xx

  2. erin sim says

    shame on the people who are being nasty. this kid has talent and fair play
    to him for doing it. and for people to say his father or else parent is
    drinking himself to death or whatever I can honestly say I hope it never
    happens to you, if this was my son or my nephew I would be proud.

  3. Jay Lee says

    So happy he could be himself ! Why can’t we all just be happy and respect
    others . Life’s to short

  4. Eduardo Cologne says

    Loooove This KID and I hope His Parents acept him the way He is, Thanks
    Nicki for your Love to anyone and everyone. Love The Video

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