1. Thuyan Tran says

    I love how she isn’t overdoing it and keep it cool unlike the others.
    Because we know how Minzy is when she dances -> A killer-dance-machine and
    here, she is so chill and cool.

    Love our youngest maknae.. !


  2. Yamamoto kai-chan says

    I love Minzy a lot,she’s my ultimate bias along side Bommie,But I felt like
    she lacked passion here,I don’t know,maybe she did not want to overdue
    it,but I know for sure she can slay that choreo if she wanted to
    also,the blond girl was blocking Minzy most of the time so I didn’t really
    get to see her very well.But Good job minzy-ah! Blackjacks and Minjas are
    really proud of you!

  3. Arleen Marquez says

    if you are going to title “2NE1’s Minzy Dances To “Trini Dem Girls” by
    Nicki Minaj” at least put Minzy as the lead girl, because I hardly saw her
    at all. I apologize if I sounded rude. 

  4. elica morales says

    i dont know about you guys but Minzy and the other girl behind are more
    snappy than the blond.. she only exaggerates the moves and uses wider
    space..but throughout the choreography.. minzy and the other girl nailed it
    with more snappy moves…when blondie blocked minzy i immediately switched
    my view to the other girl.. minzy tho despite her shyness… her moves are
    still on point and sexy…

  5. Queen Marysol Pabellan says

    I know everyone including myself wants to see minzy in the front… But
    maybe that is the reason why minzy is in training for these
    choreographies… To train herself in expressing more of what she really is
    in dancing while comparing how she is with the different kinds of dancers
    in this diverse group. She is already one of the best dancers in korea and
    japan, but we all know what each of the members want to achieve… TO TAKE
    THE WHOLE WORLD/UNIVERSE ON. so let us support minzy by watching all of her
    videos and congratulate her for being there! I assumed being in this video
    was not an easy path even if she announced herself as a famous dancer/ one
    of the top famous artist or girl group in korea.

  6. Onoda Sakamichi says

    I can’t believe Minzy from 2ne1 is dancing 2 my fav song Trini dem girls!
    Yaaaaaaaasssssss! Plus they can dances! Dayum!…

  7. Suhad Ali says

    the blond wasnt sexy at all.. -_- lol she was just exaggerating and taking
    space her moves were sloppy :/ minzy and the black shirt girl expressed the
    moves better 

  8. xXMFLFXx says

    I feel like minzy or the chick in the black should have been up front. Not
    because she is a better dancer, but because the girl up front uses way much
    more space when she dances and distracts from the girls behind her. I mean
    I get she is feeling it but poor camara angle or something. 

  9. SimplyNay says

    I didnt realize much about 2NE1 till now but i love their songs and the
    group is super dope. So im grateful this video introduced me to them..
    However, is Minzy known for her hip hop dance like say KK Harris? It could
    be that she is not featured b/c other dancers in the US who just SOLELY
    dance hit a bit harder than she would b/c she’s a pop artist? idk.. 

  10. BlazinNSoul . says

    +StarLove00 Star do you have any idea how long Minzy has been dancing? At
    least as long as most here. Furthermore comparing is so juvenile and

    There are some outstanding dancers in Korea. Which are just as good as
    anything we have here. Do you really think Dwane Adler.

    Would have picked one as the lead for his recent dance film. No Minzy isn’t
    at Boa’s level or even close to it.

    However she is still a very good dancer. Which deserves some credit.
    However to say she doesn’t hold a candle is an insult. You try doing what
    she is on the fly amazing. 

  11. Chantel Martin says

    I love minzy and all, but those girls gave more for me. I know YG stans are
    gonna come up with some crap to say, but honestly….these girls are giving
    so much more energy.

  12. Hyunaä Böm says

    Esa maldita gorda! (Sin ofender) No dejaba ver como bailaba Minzy! !!!
    Carajo! El video solo lo vi porque baila minzy!!

  13. a cee says

    I wanted to see Minzy dance omg. She was probably feeling a little
    intimidated. Millennium is a famous studio in the dance world, you have to
    be really good & confident to attend one of their workshops. Plus, she is
    in a place where everyone is speaking a different language & in a room of a
    lot of talented people who probably don’t know who she is. I wanted to see
    her more too, but don’t hate on the blonde girl because as a dancer, I can
    say she killed it & its obvious why she was put in the center by the
    choreographer. Hopefully we see the confidence we’re used too & Minzy
    improves more so we can see her kill a solo

  14. kim hyen ji says

    Porque la chica de blanco tapa a la hermosa minzy,hasta parece que lo hace
    a proposito,y .queria ver a minzy no a ella…. grrr

  15. Eugenia Tan says

    I’m a blackjack and a fan of Minzy, but I don’t think the blond-haired girl
    was ‘exaggerating’ her moves. She was amazing and definitely did a
    fantastic job in executing her moves. That being said, I thought Minzy
    looked great too. 

  16. Amal Figueroa says

    Ok here’s my thing on this: if this was for an actual performance little
    blondie would’ve gotten her ass handed to her for blocking Minzy.

    Spacing is very important. That girl was barely center ever she was always
    in Minzy’s way. Had this been for a real performance the choreographer
    would’ve told her to move. So why is this any different? And to have to pay
    for these kinds of classes and not be able to see yourself in the video I’d
    be furious. 

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