1. Dylan Graceffa Grande says

    My favourite song from the pink print is the crying game it’s slow but
    honestly hits all the feels …
    But my all time favourite was her sing Marilyn Monroe. 

  2. Shaquille Gordon says

    I love how Anaconda isn’t #1 because it isn’t the best song Nicki has done,
    Just one of the more sucessful ones.

  3. Jasmine Ally says

    Va va voom? Right thru me? Your love? Pills and potions? You missed those
    and they’re all really good

  4. Sven Hista says

    My top 7(not based on rates, popularity or commercial attention):

    7. Last Chance.
    6. Right Thru Me.
    5. Young forever.
    4. Fire Burns.
    3. Marilyn Monroe.
    2. Gun Shot.
    1. Dear Old Nicki.

  5. Darrion Hinton says

    But none of these are better than her verse on “Monster” by Kanye West.
    I wish that she would get back to that style.

  6. Megan Marie says

    I mean… When Nicki Minaj does a song with the Queen B, I think it
    deserves a spot in the list. #FeelingMyself

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