1. Jaqui_0 says

    I love Adam’s reaction to Nicki’s mom talkin’ to the press, “who’s she
    talking to…WHY???”” LMAO!! Better eeee!!! additional songs for
    pre-orders being released!!!

  2. VlahovicA says

    Harry isn’t leaving, don’t do this to me ever again, i hate hearing words
    leaving and Harry in the same sentence

  3. Tiu 女王 says

    I like Adam, he has a fun personality and when 1D end I am so here for a
    Harry Styles solo career, he’s really talented and I hope he broadens his

  4. lilian alcasid says

    It’s ok to be single as long as you are happy and content ADAM!!!:))) You
    are such a dork and we love u!!!:))

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