1. Devin Da Bakemono says

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha. When Nicki’s hair and eyebrows got knocked off she
    looked like Dennis Rodman. – I’m Just Sayin

  2. Jakendrick WatkinsVevo says

    bitch is you crazy had you loss your mine Nicki Minaj a beats she should
    won that Mariah can not fight that bitch sad so its nicki all they

  3. Phoenix Ayers says

    Mariah would have kicked her ass, her brother was a kick boxer and showed
    her how to knock a bitch out

  4. Jaquerious King says

    She/he the nicki minaj said it was a wig and Mariah carey killed how many
    billboards and tracks? Billions nicki killed how many? 4 or 5 smh…

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