1. t3allday2 says

    Mariah is too good to do such peasant like things lol….she neeeever does
    interviews or promo…i guess that’s good though cuz she’s boring af lol

  2. MsMissme2011 says

    Mariah didn’t want Nicki on the show for fear that Nicki might steal her
    shine and i must say she was absolutely correct. Mariah’s shine on that
    panel is so dull she’s barely visible (Boring). Welp, We know who WON’T be
    asked back as a judge next season unless she steps her cookies up. lol…
    So far Nicki Minaj is the best and most interesting judge they’ve had on
    that panel in years. #JudgeNicki

  3. Laurence Eckert says

    Mariah kisses everyones ass as a judge. She only got booed one time this
    entire time. I hate her. Nicki fo life bitches

  4. NEPTUNE RE says

    tbh I think she really isn’t. She’s a better judge than Mariah as she
    actually seems to care about each of the people, and I noticed that she was
    the only one to congratulate the finalists and came up with constructive
    criticism, where are Mariah just didn’t really know what to say. Watch
    episode 28 and you’ll see what I mean.

  5. TN DM says

    Says the one who watches her interviews, every episode of Idol w/ Nicki in
    it & took the time to comment. Wooow.

  6. gefs dager says

    The 12th season was the first and only season i ever watched on american
    idol and thats because nicki minaj was a judge in it <3

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