1. Tiffanysmith21 says

    I didnt know she said that. That is silly but Nicki is crazy… I can
    honestly say after watching more eposides that she do seem like she is in
    her own little world and seem a little fake… I would have picked a better
    judge too but its all about “fans and $” I would have loved to see Lauryn
    Hill as one of the judges. 🙂

  2. Roxanna Mapache says

    The reason why Mariah wasn’t looking at the interviewer was because the
    camera was shooting her from the left side. For those who do not know,
    Mariah is very self-conscience about the left side of her face because at
    some point earlier in her career, she was told that he left side did
    nothing for her and was much more homely than the right. That stuck with
    her so you can see she’s trying to look at the camera so her left profile
    is not seen.

  3. kyayaki says

    Randy can’t sing. Ellen can’t sing either. Ellen doesn’t even have a
    musical background so what’s your point? You can’t judge because you don’t
    even have a picture to show your face.

  4. Ramo Ramo says

    Mariah needs to stop the shit. In this interview she looks like a pissed
    off little child. She needs to tone down her inner DIVA!

  5. kevin pras says

    why mariah is become like this ? Serious, it’s a mess she was so simple, so
    talented and now she is just bad

  6. SCM says

    I dont believe it was because of her good side vs bad side. I honestly
    think she was uncomfortable being there together with Nicki Minaj and as
    you can tell from the video she just seemed like she didnt want to be there
    or even talk in her direction. You can see it whenever Nicki answers
    questions or even at 2:29 when Nicki tries to get Mariahs attention and
    involvement in the conversation and Mariah simply ignores her and speaks to
    her but not at her. lol But who knows.

  7. Christina Aguilera TV says

    Do your own research instead of being in disbelief. Google “Mariah Carey
    left side” and you will find out the whole story about it and several
    articles that confirm it. Back in 2008, she claimed that this problem was
    solved and that she had it under control, but she didn’t and this is the
    evidence. It’s a hard thing when a person who had so much control of your
    life (Mottola) and drills into your head that your left side is your bad
    side. He constantly told her that for so many years.

  8. Marissa says

    It’s funny how for once Nicki is not that focused on trying to show her
    good side while Mariah over there is trying way too hard. I give props to
    Nicki, I think I like her a little bit more now…

  9. AndresMenachoTV says

    Lol Mariah dont care this interview… she only cares show her good side or

  10. Tre Moeckel says

    If youre a true mariah carey fan you know she jas a good side ( the right
    side of her face) she doesnt like being on camera, or in pictures where her
    left side is showing. Shes not throwing shade at nicki or anything she just
    wants to look good. Cant say I blame her. 

  11. Christina Aguilera TV says

    It is an insecurity that turned into a psychiatric issue. I’m not saying
    it’s a serious condition, but it is indeed psychiatric in nature. If you
    don’t believe me you can look it up, search: “Mariah Carey left side” and
    you will get a few articles that claim she had to seek medical treatment
    for this. The thing is that she lost control of it and it’s been going on
    for a very long time (more than ten years), so that’s why it turned into a
    psychiatric problem.

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