ANACONDA – Nicki Minaj Dance Video | ANACONDA – NickiMinaj Hip Hop Choreography by Lia Kim


  1. ni sa says

    this was the best anaconda choreo ive seen so far I LOVE the hand and foot
    work!!! you guys really made other choreos look like 똥 great job everyone

  2. Heaven Javier says

    Why does the song sound like that, sounds weird not like the original one
    goes???? Sounds like a baby is singing it? No offense!

  3. Shaquille Hinds says

    The dunduhduhdun part was hilarious thanks to the higher pitch also asian
    girls doing the nae nae = WIN!

  4. Joshua Thomas says

    is the middle one (black top blue shorts) a man? I don’t mean it as an
    insult at all, I’m just really curious if he’s trans or not?

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