1. Joyce .A says

    Yass!! Robyn Laud this choreography is the bomb!! Love, love, love it! All
    the little ones are gonna be amazing dancers when they grow up including
    the girls at the beginning and the little one in the last performance! They
    are all gonna be superstars!

  2. Monika Wish says

    These young girls look ridiculous dancing to such a not girly, sexist song
    (if I can call it a song at all…) Sad, actually

  3. lucy nguyen says

    Everyone if you think this is bad then how about watching 8 year old girls
    wearing booty shorts and crop tops near that part and dancing to my
    boyfriends back and squatting and shaking their hips and putting their
    hands on each other 

  4. Willa Jones says

    I personally think these girls are too young to be dancing to this type of
    song at least some of them but I’m not about to blame Nicki she can’t
    control who listens to her music and has never claimed it was for a young
    audience, clearly her music is for adults

  5. toshadiva says

    This was good Everyone Go Check out my Anaconda Video on my Channel .. I’m
    a hip hop dancer with over 90 videos.. Follow me on instagram @Toshadiva.. 

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