1. Laurence Kaiwai says

    Well Ms Taylor – despite haters, i couldn’t give 2 small pieces of crap
    about what they say 🙂
    You are an amazing dancer & people will always talk and are just AGAINST
    what is the unknown to them so leave them be 🙂
    You are put in ADULT classes because your family wants you to succeed @ a
    level that i believe you have far passed in our eyes 🙂 Its funny that YOU
    my little sis are more mature then most of these adults lol you can look
    past lyrics and FEEL music, yet all these adults are capable of is
    unnecessary mockery & rude remarks.
    Most 11 year olds wouldn’t be able to cope with such disgusting comments,
    and i bet they’d not be able to say a word to your face.
    You are inspirational & it is an honour to teach you.

    Love you little sis.

  2. John Crichton says

    Are you supposed to be proud of dancing to a shitty song? The beat is good,
    how about just finding beats instead of dancing to embarrassing music?

    You’re talented, don’t dance to this shit.

  3. ReformedOrderPart2 says

    It’s so sad, kids can’t be kids anymore these days. To many ADULT
    douchebags out there trying to transform them into trying to be something
    other than what they should be & what an appropriate song for an 11
    year-old to “dance” to. Nicki is a real “role model” for your young
    daughters. Not hating, just the truth. <_<

  4. Adrianna H. says

    I’m sorry but I can’t stand seeing the facial expression of that kid
    dancing to a slutty song. It was like watching a down syndrome kid dancing
    all sluttily. She’s a bit too stiff too. Not a pleasant view. I really
    don’t get why people have to make weird faces when they dance, it’s not
    sexy. That girl has talent, just not for this song and choreography.

  5. Davis Fountain says

    Brilliant Dancer, but why is she dancing to a provocative song? no..
    couldn’t they pick I dunno something that doesn’t have to do with sex, and
    big booties? that’s more age appropriate….

  6. Boyfriendlvr1995 says

    are people really trying to pretend they didn’t listen to songs as explicit
    as this when they were 11? cuz i know i did. and i am the farthest thing
    from a ‘slut.’ either way, i think she did a really good job so props to

  7. David Pearce says

    stupid song sung by a top rated hoe bag…this is not the kind of music
    kids should be listing to..bad parents let them..put your fucken foot down
    and lay down the law to kids these days…

  8. IcedLipGloss says

    yall are acting like you never listened to a dirty song when you were
    younger…madonna, britney spears, etc..ALL FILTHY. get over it

  9. beeblefoxx says

    Murrica – Where paying for your preteen daughter to be taught how to shake
    her ass to a song about BBC anal intercourse is a normal everyday

  10. Keely Palmer says

    Can’t watch the video on mobile. But I am reading the comments. While I am
    not a fan of Nicki Minaj, you people are acting as if its so shocking she’s
    dancing to this song, let alone listening to it. Going so far as to calling
    her parents bad parents . First of all, that is NOT your place. Second of
    all, it is NOT even remotely fair. Kids are going to listen to what they
    want to listen to, whether you tell them no or not. This song is on the
    radio, so if you need to throw blame anywhere, blame radio stations and the
    artists themselves, but there’s no much you can do. I remember hearing my
    first very explicit song on the radio, Closer by Nine Inch Nails, which is
    really just about hating yourself so much you only find solace through sex.
    The song did not make me hate myself, didn’t make me a sex addict, and
    there was nothing my parents could have done to prevent me from hearing it,
    seeing as I heard it at a friends house.

    My point is, grow the fuck up and stop bashing this girl and her parents.

  11. Conor Mc Kernan says

    Wow Amazing! Hope she goes far, she has an awesome talent! For her to dance
    like that AT 11 years old is VERY impressive! Let me tell you something
    Taylor, don’t acknowledge the haters, you have a talent and my god it’s
    impressive! Keep at it Taylor! :)

  12. Darima2 says

    ok Yes the choreo is a fun one and yes the girl was on point with them, Im
    not gonna take that away from her but to me some of the moves were subtly
    provocative( the leg up in the air where you’re supposed to booty tooch for
    example, the only reason that it didnt look like it is cause she doesnt
    have curves yet but we know what those crumping moves are for..) and to see
    an 11 year old with still a young child’s body doing these moves with this
    song was a bit off putting . I am a dancer and love hiphop but there’s no
    way i would let my child learn a routine like this before the age of 13 or
    There are many amazing dancers from dance studios here on youtube and this
    is more of a case of wow look at what this little girl can do ..if it was
    an older girl doing it, it wouldnt have gotten any attention lets be

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