1. Crayola Gal says

    Wish she did the ending whistle tones for the way she was great but not as
    strong voice don’t get me wrong I love ari, just wish she went back to her
    stronger voice… Love you Ariana!!!!!’

  2. TheRealCoCoFoShoSHo says

    they dropped the key a few octaves in seems so they could sing live, but
    I’m glad there live instead of in proper key but auto tuned lol

  3. Anderson Trujillo says

    It is inevitable comparison with the past performance of Christina
    Aguilera. Christina Aguilera gave them a class, Ariana is very good, but
    left much to be desired with its presentation. I understand that Christina
    is the voice of the generation and also has much more experience; But
    Ariana was very small. I would have preferred to Jessie J

  4. Gwen torres says

    Sorry Ariana I love your songs albums but to me your voice didnt sound like
    normally when I got on the computer im like yay Ariana grande then not so
    much but I liked your last preformance more B.T.W love your album my

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