Bang Bang – Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj | Just Dance 2015 | Gameplay


  1. Just Dancer/ Now That's Music Person says

    Like how the first dancer looks like Nicki, the middles Jessie J, and the
    court Ariana!

  2. JustDanceIsAwesome says

    I was also not expecting “backseat of my car” to be censored! It is not a
    swear word why would they censor it?!? That’s stupid! Just Dance You Ruined
    The song!

  3. PowerCraftFTW XCX says

    Songs I want JD2015 Break Free Ariana Grande ft. Zedd Skrillex Recess Boom
    Clap Charli XCX Iggy azalea work Fancy and Black Widow

  4. Antonio Caruso says

    Yay:) love this song:) now we just need Dark Horse, Birthday,This is how we
    do, Fancy,Break Free, Slow Down, Really don’t care, Do what u want and we
    can’t stop:)

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