BANG BANG – Jessie J, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj Dance Choreography | Jayden Rodrigues NeWest


  1. Robert Yu says

    Is it me just noticing that they are just recycling moves? No hate. I watch
    his videos all the time.

  2. DutchMattyBRapsFan says

    You warned us at THE END of the video?! Hahaha, I love it when you dance
    girly, hips don’t lie x’D This is like Single Ladies the extended version

  3. Asegura Asdfghklñ says

    Guys! Your choreography is AMAZING! It’s so cool.
    Just something haha… You could have done the shaking-arms step, with your
    hands on the air instead on your hips. It’s an advice, so you won’t look so
    girly hahaha.
    Congrats to all of u! Keep doing what u guys love. 🙂

    Ps: if you can, please, I would like to watch a choreography of “Break
    Free” by Ariana Grande.
    In my opinion, that song is not so girly and it’s amazing ! Please guys I
    would love it.
    Thank you for reading ! 

  4. Jo Boyer says

    Oh baby.. too be young again & dance to this music the way you all do…
    who knows am working to get back into shape… I just might be… 60 is the
    new youth!!! lol

  5. LoveTo HaveFun says

    I honestly do not care if it is girly or not I just think that they are
    good dancers and I love to watch him make new dances to all of these songs.

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