1. Javon Ellis says

    your a child….doubt if ur suppose to be hearing the song it
    self…muchless watch tha twerking

  2. Robert Tucker says

    When me hear this raas me haffi seh Busta patwa soun a likkle bit off, as
    it nuh sound exactly right, but raas, Nicky have the ting lock star caw me
    a seh you she sound like seh she a waa dung town higgler whe a sell
    brazziere and panty. Yow da gyal de good wid accents, caw me hear har a
    chat all British raas like normal. Trust me if me a chat to Nicky a patwa
    alone me a chat to har inna caw me know she understand me readily. Yes I am
    Jamaican. And that was Patois. Pronounced “Patwa”.

  3. TheCorrectViews says

    I have disliked hip hop and R N B for most of my life, but have always
    respected and rather enjoyed Busta….until this. He is really slumming it.
    Minaj? OMG, total loss of respect.

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