1. Badangel30 says

    SMH I’m glad my culture is being sampled but please hiphop come up with
    something original without imitating someone else please. If you really
    wanted a Jamaican song why not get a Jamaican artist from Jamaica. Sean
    Paul, Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, Sherene Anderson, Spice, etc. I noticed
    that American artists are now focusing on Jamaica for inspiration but pay
    homage man cho rast clat.

  2. rudeboycg says

    Love busta not his best work at all.Nicki got all that ass, and only one
    dance move. she’s in like 6 top 40 videos doing the grab her coochie lift
    her leg and shack her butt Dance. Ciara ( I’am out ). busta( twerk it) high
    school @ billboard music. big shawn ( Dance). When u can be original you
    run out of others peoples ideas.

  3. Craig Brown says

    Busta represented. His parents are Jamaican, so really and truly patois is
    his first language. So a remix can be done with Kartel as he tweeted just
    hours ago. Cause it’s a grimy dancehall song. Pharell nailed especially
    with the Tosh part, that some original toasting going on right there,
    dj-type-sound-killing words. Then Nicki shat it, with the pussyole part,
    repping for her Caribbean roots. Long time Busta fi do a chune like this.
    Summer nah go naamal in Jamaica now. Negril & Ochi ago tun up!

  4. Mac yo girl says

    First of Busta is Jamaican and has a on and off accent.. AND Nicki is
    Trinidadian which their accents are completely different and is often
    mistaken for a ”Jamaican Accent”

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