1. BlackGamerGuy MADDEN says

    Nickis ass is unacceptable cause shot them up too big. Kate uptons ass is
    real dnoo about them tits

  2. wendy song says

    Pregnant women are criticized for breastfeeding in public but these hoes
    can sell their plastic ass and boobs to the world…and it’s call art. 

  3. Kahlilah Martin says

    Nicki looks explicit… Chrissy Teigen and the others look classy… Bottom
    line… Plus you stole that from Lil Kim… Give her her props or stop
    jacking her style.

  4. Marie Mckinnon says

    Such bullshit. It is only because she actually has an ass that It is
    “unacceptable”. It’s a butt get over it . 

  5. shesaidwhatnow says

    Double standard… what only skinny ppl can be naked.. not cool… So much
    hated in this world.. Ppl are jealous…hott Nikki

  6. TheAmberbutterfly says

    So happy, to finally see a celebrity female with a beautiful and toned
    booty, tired of seeing small asses with long and wide torsos lol!!!

  7. Aerri Brown says

    I see what nicki is talking about so a white skinny girl could pose
    basically naked it’s fine but when a black girl does it it’s porn or
    “nasty”. WHO GIVES A FUCK. nicki can do whatever the fuck she wants! She
    could pose fucking naked for all i fucking care, why is everyone so upset
    over a fucking picture

  8. DarknessFromInferno says

    And people actually like that fat disgusting ass? Holy shieeeet… what the
    hell is wrong with you people???

  9. Alexia N says

    Its always been that way. If you have an ass/body it’s “inappropriate” for
    you to wear things that show it off, but if you’re model-skinny or don’t
    have the same ASSets, it’s ok for you wear anything you want. Lol.
    Unfortunately I’ve been scrutinized for just wearing work-out clothes. I’m
    not going to wear sweatpants and long sleeves while I’m running in the
    Florida sun. 

  10. Mark Duron says

    Nicki Minaj ass is REAL and she’s getting a lot of hate because she’s the
    m’f Queen. bitch!!! 

  11. Jim Samples says

    PCers strike again; fucking assholes. They wouldn’t know a good thing if it
    fell from the sky, landed on their face, and started to wiggle…

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