1. Paola Styles says

    Janelle arthur and paul jolley COME ONE !!!!!! We cant compare curtis and
    devin…!!!! Curtis:( paul and janelle should of gone !!!

  2. Bestofthelot says

    Curtis Finch, Jr. was not sent home just because of his performance
    (although that was not too good or original), but for the unforgettable
    awful attitude he had towards his group mates early on in the competition.
    See Curtis…America does NOT forget. You should learn to be nicer to your
    fellow artists even when they do not having anthing to offer you. If you
    were a nicer human being you might still be on the show today.

  3. Christopher Clark says

    This is not right, I think America should be ashamed of themselves for
    voting the best off. Voting privileges should be taken away from America.
    Absolutely wrong

  4. Daisy Bronx says

    fuck that bitch, let her untalented fake ass walk off, as for that dude,
    omg he was not all that, happy he’s gone !

  5. T'yona Osborne says

    I cried honestly. i thought hit was going to be him and Candice Glover *who
    is now in the top 2* i thought those 2 would have been the ones going
    against each other. But truth be told they just dont want 2 really powerful
    Black singers going head to head.

  6. Julia Carter says

    ughhhh i hate this clevver music or what ever it is this girl is sooooooo
    annoying seriously nicki was not joking and she always has fun ๏ปฟ

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