1. Kiadeiaz Claire says

    BY THE WAY: The producers are reporting copyright! I suggest you write ‘No
    copyright infringement intended’ in your description to prevent that from
    happening, then visit the Copyright Page on Youtube!

    Your welcome. This is just some advice, as I’ve tried it.

  2. Heather Warren says

    I really love the beat and the chorus of the song. The verse lyrics
    however, bit too sexist :/

  3. simply_kenna says

    Everyone needs to get the stick out of their asses about the lyrics. If you
    don’t like them that’s totally fine, but stop saying they are sexist or
    anti-feminist. Feminism is equality for women, allowing women to choose
    what they want to do with their lives and bodies. Feminism gives women the
    right to go out and get jobs and pursue their passions and be who they
    want, and it also gives them the right to be stay at home trophy wives if
    they WANT to. It gives them the right to please their man without being
    labeled a “slut” if they WANT to. If Nicki wants to cook and clean and
    please her man then she has every right to do that. It would be
    anti-feminist if she said “women should do the cooking, women should do the
    cleaning” but she didn’t say that did she? she said SHE would do those
    things, because she wants to. Feminism is giving her that right. So stop
    judging and insulting her and other women for choosing those things. If its
    something you would never do, cool don’t do it then. But if other women
    want that life then they can have it, so shut up about it for fucks sake.

  4. Pudding Pup says

    This woman can do whatever she wants. But I hate this song.
    But I’m not fucking “cooking and cleaning” for my future husband. That’s so
    sexist. Men can do that too.
    Plus, “be a man” ? What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Be “manly” and

  5. Namelessandpure says

    Goddammit woman stop rhyming the same words together. Please for the love
    of the future can all rappers increase their Goddamn vocabulary. Nikki
    always does this thing where she rhymes the same word. You with you. Girl
    get a thesaurus because it’s beyond ridiculous at this point.

    Other than that the beats good, I totally disagree with the sentiment,
    because relationships should be equal and people should take care of each
    other and share the work, but whatever floats your boat. You want to be a
    slave to your husband go ahead. If Nicki wanted to go do that I’m 100% good
    with that. It’s not like the world would be losing a great artist (I’m not
    being sarcastic) . 

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