1. Stephano FINN says

    I don’t really like Niki Manaj but the beat of the song makes wanna dance!
    I never thought I would say this but, Niki’s voice is brilliant in this

  2. ElectricalFuseAJ HasSoManyRaresAndBetaz says

    My favorite part is the chorus. “beating my drum like dum di de day i like
    the dirty rhythm u play”

  3. Weronika van Bree says

    I always thought ”banging my drum like dum dee dee day,I know you want it
    in numerous ways”. :P

  4. Isobel Hughes says

    Does NO ONE have a problem with the whole paragraph of lyrics from 1:07 to
    1:18?! Seriously Nicki, we’re trying to get past that house-wife
    stereotype. Thanks for giving us a first class ticket back to the 50s.
    After all, who doesn’t love the sweet smell of sexism?

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