1. TomislavSaricMusic says

    *Wow this was fantastic :)*
    *Could you guys take a look at my music as well? I’m a young musician and I
    would love to have your support :)*

  2. Sandra Pierce says

    Outstanding music and rythm from David as usual…but the lyrics? *cringe*
    “beating the drum like dum di di day, i know u want it in the worst way. I
    wanna hear u calling my name like hey ma ma mama, hey ma ma mama”

  3. AssassinOfEgypt says

    Is the girl singing Nicki? I know she’s rapping but it’s hard to tell if
    that’s her singing. But if it is then DAYUM!

  4. robin bourriquet says

    C’est quoi se clip en carton ??? Le 3d est dégueulasse et on dirait qu’il a
    été fait il y a 15 ans . Je suis déçu de voir un clip aussi mal fait .

  5. Léo Vlogs says

    Cadê os BR fazendo presença aqui? HaHa
    Música fueda, já estou procurando ela com capa de álbum haha

  6. Drew A. Mashups says

    I Like the song a lot and I listened to it previously without understanding
    the meaning of the lyric. Now I’m really disappointed because the lyrics
    are very sexist ):
    PD: I’m a guy, but I’m worried about it

  7. Polla Pan says

    Soy el unico al que la letra le da asco por lo sexista que es?

    I’m the only one disgusted with the sexist lyric? 

  8. William Menot says

    Super son !!! Une super nouvel zic!
    Merci David ! :
    French toutch toujours présent! Mouahhahahah !!! :D

  9. Warner Music Czech Republic says

    *David Guetta* z desky *”Listen”* vybral další *singl*. Co říkáte na volbu
    písně *”Hey Mama”*, kterou s ním ukuchtil *Afrojack* a *Nicki Minaj*? Nám
    se zamlouvá…

    #davidguetta #listen #single #heymama #afrojack #nickiminaj 

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