David Guetta – Hey Mama (Official Video) ft Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack


  1. angelιqυe D. Robin says

    *When I listened to this on the radio I thought the “Hey mama” part was
    Rihanna because it had that reggae feel and it sounded like her.*

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  3. Jason Smiley says

    David Guetta/Nicki Minaj/Bebe Rexha/Afrojack: Hey Mama
    The 4th single from his 6th studio album entitled Listen.

  4. Spencer WhyDoIHaveToEnterMyWholeName says

    “Hey Mama” by David Guetta ft the Person Who Sings the Whole Song

  5. 1DFangirl365 says

    Who sings the ”beating the drum like dan di deyy,I like the dirty rythm
    you play…” part?

  6. Jairo Joel Barco says

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  9. Aihen Elorza says

    I love this song but what the f*** is wrong with the lyrics?? C’mon, it’s
    2015 not 1950…

  10. Gracielle B. Gusmão says

    David Guetta and Nicki Minaj …. explosive mixture …. very nice … love
    ….. sound show …. #LTMYD
    David Guetta – Hey Mama (Official Video) ft Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha &

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  12. Teeb Seeb says

    Nicki minaj sounds like a submissive maid sex slave for her man, she’s an
    accessory , the woman from gone girl worded it perfectly. God haha nicki
    minaj brainwashing girls into being retards, gtfo you overpayed whore

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