1. jwmoore269 says

    Who’s idea was it to compare these? They’re completely different, and the
    fans are different for each. Unfair. #Teamminaj and #Teamlovato all the way!

  2. HollywireTV says

    It’s all in the fun! I goes you could say that its a little competition
    between Minaj and Lovato fans then! And who get’s more comments! I love
    them both.. So I’m not a good example of rooting one way or the other!
    Thanks for commenting! ha! -Chelsea

  3. raz moyal says

    demi is the best !!! i love nicki but c’mon she is nothing close to demi’s
    amazing vocals !!!

  4. Ari Jay says

    Demi, Nicki kinda sounded like a duck. Big fan of Demi but if i was forced
    to listen to Nicki i wouldn’t mind.

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