Did Drake Flop at the ESPYs? + Cam’Rom & Nicki Minaj’s “So Bad” Video! – ADD Presents: The Drop


  1. Justus Spratt says

    Drake was hosting the Espys full of white ppl, but the NIGGA COULDNT GO TO
    THE BET AWARDS? Fuck outta here

  2. BrandonTheZ28 says

    Age of Ultron looks sick as fuuuuuuuck! Can’t wait but I kinda wish they
    would’ve waited until they had a sneak peak trail to shoe him but baddass
    none the less.

  3. dpeyton149 says

    either they smashin or has smashed and dont anymore orrrrr one tried to
    smash the other and got friendzoned LOL j/k but the chemistry between the
    two is AJ and Free like they fit toooo well

  4. killer10106 says

    Would you guys rather be stuck in an island for a day Together or get stuck
    in a spaceship for a day?

  5. cbwifeee says

    #AskTheDrop I go back to school the end of Aug it gets cold mid Sept when
    school shopping should I buy summer stuff or just go ahead and buy fall
    clothes ? Help Pweaseee

  6. MegaDrizzy1234 says

    #askthedrop Jsnow, if they did an incredibles movie with real actors, would
    you be willing to play Frozone.

  7. Anna Cane says

    #askjsnow #Askthedrop Cynthia were did you get that cute top from and
    Jsnow are you and Arsenio Hall related? 

  8. Kennon Owens says

    I don’t know if anybody else noticed, but it seems like j snow scratches at
    either his neck or his face whenever he’s lying.

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