1. Mason Henderson says

    I always hated this song when my coworkers put on the rap station at work.
    Now I can actually say that I hate it with some context. How exactly do
    people enjoy a song like this? I get everyone has different tastes, but
    seriously, what type of taste is this?

  2. Luka Kusic says

    Is this rap/ hip-hop? Crapping out booty, bitches, fuck, etc. I’ve never
    been into the genre, but i know how to respect rappers, real ones. Rap song
    is 90% lyrics, and these ‘rappers’ have the vocabulary of a monkey.

  3. JokersRWildStudios says

    Fake name, fake boobs, fake butt, fake music, fake image. Damn Santa Claus
    and the Easter Bunny are realer than this fraud.

  4. Joe Spicer says

    I have to admit, in my opinion, Minaj has never looked so damn good
    (consistantly through a video, for that matter) before. It is quite the
    shame that the lyrics, the beat, and the other featured “artists” are trash
    though. Oh, and don’t get it twisted; I wouldn’t fuck Minaj with Chris
    Brown’s dick….I want no part of that vaginal petry dish.

    Well, karma is a bitch…maybe I *would* let Chris spelunk in the Grand STD
    Canyon afterall…

  5. M. Strain Jr. says

    I wonder if anyone would give a damn about Nicki Minaj if she covered her
    body, stopped singing about her body, and actually used her voice to sing
    instead of spouting monotonous half-baked rhymes.

  6. Tora Chan says

    Considering the correct way to eat a cupcake is to cut the “cake” part in
    half and put the icing in the middle, I can’t imagine how you would “eat my
    ass like a cupcake”.

  7. bigmoney923 says

    When he said, “Well it’s better than eating your ass like a cheeseburger…
    etc.” Why the fuck didn’t you say groceries?

  8. SirArcimonde says

    Everytime you think it can’t propably get any worse, you get to know
    another Nicki Minaj song…

  9. Hectorzeroni says

    I dont see how this is “music” or “singing” all they do is talk in kinda
    rhymes to computer noise then auto tune it.

  10. cheatingthesystem21 says

    I read this as “Everything Wrong With Niki Minaj” and was puzzled that the
    video was inly 6minutes long. 

  11. Karmas Camera says

    Everything Wrong With Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz

    Also, goddammit, I confused this with NIN

  12. RedlegFan19 says

    This music video is full of so many talentless people. Chris Brown is the
    only singer in this video that can actually sing, and doesn’t sound like a
    fucking Pug

  13. Nky Stephy says

    I thought it would take a lot for Jeremy to say he was bored in watching a
    video with girls in skimpy clothes. God I can’t understand why my cousin
    likes her

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