1. Lazandria G 卌 says

    My sister goes I feel like every youtuber sings and I go he doesn’t and
    then he started to sing in the beginning! What a coincidence! It was funny

  2. Colin Andrew-Craig says

    The only way one can see this video is on tidal. I refuse to use tidal.
    ^Good video though. ;)

  3. isiah bridgeforth says

    Umm correction Nicki minaj dropped feeling myself not Beyonce its Nicki
    minaj song not Beyonce just saying 

  4. MusicIsAllClean says

    I have been watching tons of reactions to the video and gay guys over react
    so much lmfao!!!

  5. JointuriAprinse says

    1:35 ewww
    your reaction is a huge infection for the society, and you are a miserable
    worm !

  6. TheMightySkatergirl says

    Like I cried the video is so good I watched it so many times it’s a
    shameless obsession 

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