1. The Wolferton Network says

    Holy Crud!!! Nicki Minaj’s Butt is bigger than…… well…. its bigger
    than anything!! ( good luck getting through doors Nicki )

  2. Jezdamayel Caster says

    Meh . he is not tall enough. Honestly I do not like who they picked for the
    movie. If i ever did see it .. it sure as hell would not be in theaters
    LOL! That is trench coat,sunglasses S*** right there.

  3. Blargal D'Alien says

    Well, I was briefly excited for 50 Shades of Grey.
    Until, I discovered it was not a dating movie for extraterrestrials on

  4. John Basedow says

    Good job jumping right on the ’50 Shades’ story. Nice to see some big views
    coming for you today!

  5. jexel666 says

    ……. Not even a little interested in the movie now the upcoming TMNT
    movie that will b awesome i also heard that there could b a devil may cry
    movie in the pipework so i hope its the real Dante n not the skinny emo
    Dante im rambling now sorry thanx for the awesome vids bux

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