1. thysaeed says

    nobody had a computer in the 90s and even if they did there wasnt youtube
    in the 90s either. the number of tvs in homes has increased significantly.
    also white kids didnt listen to rap in the 90s

  2. Ericka Gibbons says

    Please don’t think that like “you gotta be kiddin me” but I think this song
    makes sense with the title and the lyrics because this is a freaky song and
    freaky lyrics (mostly bout blowjobs) …and it’s freaky for someone to
    write about blowjobs and stuff

  3. Emerald Rose says

    OMG you asshole, you have no judged i am a negro and i went to Yale, but if
    you find this song as ”crap” and you hate it then why the Fuck are you
    here?, saying people have low IQ’s when you can’t even spell NEGRO right.

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