HEY MAMA – David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj | Choreography for Dance Fitness / @Zoanee Fitness


  1. Helen Gimenes says

    Amei <3
    Essas cinturas q parece de mola kkkk
    Morro de vontade de aprender a dançar assim #Arrasaram

  2. Elisabeth Netjes says

    This. Is. AWESOME!!! Thank you for all you do. I’m a Zumba Instructor and
    have always wanted to do Belly Dancing but never took training. Your videos
    are incredible, fun, and inspire me so much. Please keep making them!!!!

  3. Fany Gonzalez says

    Y de pronto BOOM! Un comentario en español:3
    Muy sencilla y simple la coreografía para la GRAN canción, con muchisimo
    ritmo e ideas para mejores coreofrafías.

  4. Wanda Hood says

    I know you’ll worked hard and thank u because I did it to and it is a food
    dance and work out ok bye and peace it love you’ll

  5. Chi Tran says

    I love love love how you incorporated belly dancing in here! Your hip
    movements are so fluid!

  6. priscila thelooki says

    amazing , nice choreografy
    PD: do not speak english but tell when something is beautiful

  7. Danni Spence says

    This is so amazing, Great job guys 🙂 after this i just feel like getting
    up and dancing x keep up the good work :)

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