1. jesse everett says

    I love the song so much. I also love these ladies but this kids reminds me
    of lady marmalade.

    Jessie= Pink


    Nicki= lil kim

    Idk= mya 

  2. Sam Brett says

    Hey :), I’ve made a cover of Bang Bang, you don’t have to, but if you would
    like to check it out, I’d love some feedback :), thank you

  3. bryce atu says

    I felt like Ariana was jus slapped on this song and left forgotten while
    Jessie and Nicki had bigger parts. Oh well, Ariana is killing the music
    scene this. Hopefully either this, problem, or break free will be first
    Billboard Hot 100 number 1 hit!!

  4. Kleine Naddeo says

    I used to like Jessie J, but when I saw and heard this I was really sad
    actually.. Seriously, ariana grande and nicki minaj ?! why..

  5. Shar Banning says


    I’ve been looking forward to this song coming out today. I am so not
    disappointed. Apparently this is totally burning up the charts today. I
    can’t wait to see what the video looks like!!

  6. John Jackson says

    It’s really funny how everyone is saying this song sucks and it’s #1 and it
    just came out yesterday 

  7. Kent Branch says

    Tbh to the people that are saying Iggy should’ve been there instead of Ari.
    That wouldn’t make sense 2 rappers 1 singer. No. And to the people saying
    Iggy instead of Nicki. Iggy with Jessie J and Ari? And plus didn’t Iggy
    just make a song with Ari?

  8. Katie Noakes says

    In my Opinion I think this should have been Ariana’s Song ft Nicki because
    I don’t like how Jessie is singing in this song ..

  9. Matthew Boyd says

    Explosive song! They all may very well get their first #1 song here in the
    US with this one! Fun, upbeat and huge. Good artistry on all their parts.
    Nicki sounds definitely amazing, one of her best moments in years. Jessie
    of course sounds amazing, the vocal climax slays for days. Ariana sounds
    good too, I wish she would’ve brought it a little harder, but it’s still a
    good artistic advancement for her to go into a more urban sounding style,
    I’m hoping the video will bring out more edge in her. Good music! So nice
    to have that alone here in 2014.

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