1. Trina Calder says

    It’s basically just clips of their old videos and some new scenes. Don’t
    get me wrong I still like it but it’s not what I expected.

  2. pixels90211 says

    The song is great………… the video is oh soooooooooooooooooo
    I refuse to believe this is an official video!!

  3. Unchi Lover says

    I know im going to get a lot of hate for this but its the truth Ariana
    Grande is ugly and has no talent
    … (well all of these girls are ugly)

  4. Anya McCoy says

    THIS IS COMPLETELY FAKE! This account has 6 videos and I’ve seen others
    from Ariana. Also the Insta link in the discription says arianagronde. Just

  5. Eleni Georgiou says

    Jessie J and Ariana are amazing and they have beautiful voices. Nicki Minaj
    on the other hand….ehh…..

  6. Dayzia Ross says

    Welcome to the illuminati Ariana! Your no longer a clean beautiful, artist.
    But now your a Satanist who is no longer a role model and now a hypnitist.
    Congrats. I hope your soul is Happy because Satan sure is.

  7. Sunray98Films says

    I love the song; but I want a real music, not a compilation of other
    videos! That’s just lazy and pathetic!

  8. stryderzer0 says

    why is the video for this crap song just a collaboration of these girls’
    older vids? I could understand if this was just fan-made, but this is an
    official video from VEVO! I guess they got hit with budget cuts maybe

  9. Mason Miller says

    No clue who Jessie J is, Nikki is your typical ghetto nigger slut. Like any
    other negro bitch, the world would be better if gassed. The Ariana, a nasty
    anime looking bitch. Her fans are some of the dumbest people on the earth.
    The again, most of them are 12. 

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