1. pedro6720 says

    Why so much hate on Ariana, I think that if one of these three ladies
    deserve the hate… Welll that’s Nicki Minaj, she actually is a WHORE

  2. Enis Trabelsi says

    Why are people saying Ariana looks like a prostitute? Cause she is not a
    kid anymore? And can actually wear shorts? Cause nickelodeon is not her
    carrier anymore? I mean seriously? Basically even the extras are wearing
    short and a bra top or whatever.. Cause that’s the concept…. Omg -.- I
    love the song (Which is most improtant) and the video.

  3. anaelle1997 says

    I just can’t take Ariana seriously. I’m really trying cause she has a great
    voice but the way she dresses and act while looking like a 16 years old is
    really bothering me…

  4. Adeline Wong says

    Oh my god!!! Can all the haters just go away??!?! You will make Ariana feel
    so sad reading all these comments!! The director told her what to do,… If
    some of you bitches who doesn’t like her then why don’t you just go the
    fuck away and don’t watch this video… She is trying something new!!! Can
    all of you stop hating??? Look at what nicki and Jessie j are wearing….
    They are all the same and stop saying that she is some slut or something
    … Her grandfather just passed away a few weeks ago… Please don’t make
    her fell sad and stuff…stop the hating… No hate

  5. Clavi Scholar says

    wait….Are you people really calling Ariana a “hoe” and a “slut”? …How
    do you people know?..Did she fuck your boyfriends? The way you people are
    talking, it’s like you have first-hand proof that she’s a hoe.

  6. Eline Swarts says

    Why is it so hard for people to get over the fact that Ariana is 21 and a
    grown up woman? Give her a break, she can do what she wants.

  7. MrHugePlaya says

    Plz Ariana stop trying to be hot when you’re not. all you are doing is
    making ppl feel disturbed. 

  8. _ Mickey _ says

    This Video: *”Omahgah, Ariana is wearing a croptop and some bikini shorts,
    she is such a whore and a slut. . . she so anorexic, she is not sexy at

    Anaconda Video: *” YASSSSS, go Nicki, it is totally fine with you being
    half naked, twerking, and saying ‘fuck skinny bitches’, she is so sexy”*

    *sigh* this generation.

  9. Sergio David Brizuela González says

    It’s really funny how Ariana’s fans say Miley is a whore but now their girl
    is wearing almost the same outfit. 

  10. GothikQueen says

    Jessie J = so damn gorgeous, fun, great voice and amazing personality.
    Nicki = pretty, she can move that body, hot (even if fake, still hot), okay
    Ariana = …..???

  11. BeyonceFan〈3 says

    Is it just me or you can see Ariana’s hip bones through her outfit. o-o She
    needs to gain a couple pounds.

  12. CeNedra L says

    I just have one question that I’ve been wondering since the song came out.
    Did Nicki spell bang bang or gang bang?

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