1. Mariah Janjanin says

    K love it cause it’s about bad girls well any girl if I may say wait I know
    one girl who doesn’t fit this song, Ariana that’s why she should b in this
    song but everything else is great only one other thing. Like who does a
    music video that doesn’t do any it only shows their faces like wow! They
    must of worked so hard on that video NOT!!

  2. Amber Nichole says

    Damn Jessie J killed it ! Stupid song but their voices are amazing! Except
    Nicki… Nicki needs some help…

  3. Fanna Mcleane says

    Dear ariana,
    I love you your music your voice I I just love you no matter what Bff , oh
    can I have three tickets for you next consort? Please your # 1 fan love
    your fan

  4. Michael Berty says

    The voices are so high. The voices are fake and not good. In the radio it
    sounds better. Sorry but this song is not good in your video. 😉 :(

  5. Shopkins 2 cookies says

    Reminds me of the jazzy parts of olden times ya know?
    And when it says I know u want it, ill let u have it, and u have a very big
    shhhh love but DONT tell anyone, does that mean this song is about u no

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