1. Nepo Seroka says

    nicki needed her voice for this, to go hard… then increase the bass of
    this song, too pitched… then make some alteration to separate the verses
    from chorus.. just sounds like one looooooooooooooooong sentence without
    any punctuation 

  2. Kamal9Deuce says

    Young thug style is so weird and infectious at the same time reminds me a
    bit of wayne in 2008, sounds a little bit over the top and forced but still

  3. M. O.R says

    This is no the original song, btw Nicki is back she has been putting out
    good verses and songs this whole time! 

  4. Christian Hills says

    Everyone hating…. I fuckin love you… This is the King & Queen together,
    period. If Rodrick Davis wasn’t in the pen till 2016, & came in at the end,
    this would of been a nuclear bomb, on top of being a bomb hit already. The
    illusioned idiots can’t seem to understand the trance trippy sound, heavily
    indulged with euphoria from the lean… which I’m drinking… In 305 my
    city…. Some people look at this so blatantly, like a hooked on preschool
    dumbass. I’m down with this flow, you just don’t know. Anyone hating has
    gotta go. Ginger G Syngery just came off the top of my goon tuned head,
    with how I’m rockin & bumping with this in the Cadillac… for real. This
    is that Global Elite jam…. oh yeah…. yep

  5. todd masters says

    Why the fuck would anyone like juicy j let nicki feature in one of
    His songs. She’s so fucking bad and ruins any song she features In. Her
    shitty verses sound like someone describing a porno it’s disgusting.
    Seriously if you feel the need to have a female rapper feature just get
    honey cocaine 

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