1. Lola Jenkins says

    I don’t like like this song as much as everyone else, but I, for some
    reason, find myself rapping to this…

  2. MissHarajukuBlonde says

    the dancers, just creep me out, but the song is amazing! I prefer the
    starships routine though, this ones a bit…. um… awkward….

  3. NeonGamingGirl says

    I got Just Dance 2014 yesterday from Christmas, and I’m getting so much
    four stars but NEVER FIVE STARS! :(

  4. AssassinPlaysMC says

    i have an amazing story to tell you

    one night when i got my JD2014 this was my first song and in in my first
    try i got 5 STARS i was like WOOP WOOP and it was AWESOME

  5. AngryAdrian101 says

    Dude how do you get it so you only see the Xbox/TV screen when you record
    because I want to know how to do it with only a laptop for my viewers 

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