Justin Bieber live on stage – Beauty And A Beat Feat. Nicki Minaj – [American Music Awards 2012]


  1. Bethanie Higginbotham says

    I know I’m gonna have beleibers hating on me for this but my theory on why
    he keeps grabbing his dicks is because its so small he has to make sure its
    still there and it didn’t turn into a vagine . Js 

  2. Rock123Kickass says

    Laughing hard because all the adults know that this music is shit and are
    just sitting there wondering how this kid got to perform at one of the
    worlds most important music awards.

  3. Em Purce says

    For those of you who can’t tell, Justin isn’t lip syncing, he’s singing
    over a pre-recorded track. He does it for every show.

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