Lady Gaga – Out Of Control (Official) ft. Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé & Iggy Azalea (Remix 2015)


  1. Marlon Stolk says

    It’s Gaga’s Out of Control, it’s Beyonce’s ‘YONCÉ’ and it’s Iggy’s ‘Drop
    It’, but what’s the Nicki song?

  2. Alex Prins REALTOR-Keller Williams Dallas says

    Who ever mixed this is a genius! I wish Out Of Control was released! The
    lyrics and beat slaaaaaays!!!!!!

  3. AriSlaysMusic _ says

    Wow this is amazing! You know what I would really love. To see Gaga and
    Ariana Grande do a duet. Powerful vocals like theirs. That song would slay.

  4. HETxBEEST says

    Beyoncé the Queen and Nicki Minaj the Whore in one sentence???

    Platinum and poop don’t match!!!

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