That was thier little rap act I guess so women can feel in power … cool..
    but don’t let it become the “only formula ” 

  2. Shawn Jones says

    Jamar comes on here so often that they aren’t even interviews anymore. Just
    him and Vlad conversing.

    P.s. Vlad starting to get a little more street and relaxed. 

  3. harvey davidson says

    you got to give credit to lord jamar hes speaks the truth when he first
    came on vlad he was hated and ridiculed but slowly but surely people have
    warmed to him because hes a genuine honest dude. knowledge is power.

  4. MCBobbyE says

    almost doing it on purpose??? she has been selling sex to 12 year olds her
    whole sad career lets talk about that jamar!

  5. Brandon Standifer says

    Why are people under the conception that men who grew up in a single parent
    household are softer than men with a father? I’d actually say it’s vice
    versa. Men growing up with a single mother are stronger because we lived
    without the teachings of a father, we had to learn that shit by ourselves.
    We don’t expect help from ANYBODY because we never had that type of help
    growing up. More independent, more likely to do shit ourselves, we don’t
    need anybody else. Niggas growing up with fathers are more braggadocios and
    self centered. Growing up with a single mother doesn’t make you soft, it
    makes you stronger. 

  6. Branden Black says

    I see this “Gay Gangsta” dude replying to a lot of people comments and I
    can’t help but think its Akon Fenty’s troll account 

  7. C Whiting says

    Well good for him, cause her new song has drake and wayne rapping about how
    they wanna fuck da shit out her big huge fake installed ass. I wonder what
    the new white man she found thinks about his prize female ninja getting dug
    out by those fake thugs. 

  8. johnkeem103 says

    SB was fucking mad bitches on the side… I remember charlamagne and them
    talking about it on the breakfast club a couple years ago, Envy said he
    needs to stop wilding out ’cause Nicki basically taking care of him. 

  9. geniusvslaymen says

    If Safaree wasn’t such a stupid muhfucka he’d have invested his earnings
    into a singular or multiple ventures that required very little maintenance
    and management with very high yields. Over the years this would have put
    him within range of her net worth or beyond, leaving his ego and self
    confidence in tact. 

  10. Y-G-J says

    Am I the only man that has yet to jack off to Nicki?

    I feel like I’m one of the few remaining dudes that don’t go crazy over her
    ass or some shit.

  11. patrick jensen says

    idk why people hate on vlad so much…..he’s a great interviewer, and he
    asks interesting questions that get good answers 

  12. SupermodelSwag Addison says

    That relationship was weird. She grinding her ass on Wayne and Drake. They
    talk about fucking her. He’s nowhere to be found. If he cheated it was to
    feel like the head the way most men want to feel. The funny thing is now
    that she’s on top she can do away with all that stripper shit, she just
    doesn’t want to. That bare ass album cover was a trip too. They were
    destined to fail.

  13. M Song says

    I thought she was a lesbian…I thought Wayne and Drake were gay…this is
    just so disgusting, I don’t know how this is even news. Nicki Minaj is a
    talentless skank. I think maybe her ‘boyfriend’ was probably gay if he
    pretty much didn’t care what she was doing…but then again, the whole
    thing makes me want to retch.

  14. Angelique Wiggins says

    Can people stop talking about her fucking body. Its her body! She’s a
    beautiful woman, let her be. She did something that made her feel good
    about herself. Leave her the fuck alone. She’s not hurting anyone. 

  15. inasexymood says

    Look at all the men in the comments talking about what women should be, how
    much they should make and how they should not be the breadwinner, how they
    can’t raise a man to be a good man and shit… you niggas are a

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