1. Lauren Simpson says

    Literally every time you said that’s all I laughed! Best. Video. Ever! You
    literally make my day Ryan, and I hope that one day I get to meet you in

  2. thewonderkay says

    You don’t understand how much I love and look up to you Ryan, every other
    day I check for a video even though I know I’ve got to wait a week but I
    just love listening to your opinions, your just so awesome, keep doing you
    boo and yes Iggy is trash and Perez is irrelevant and Nicki is Queen and
    Louis is bae but he’s yours cause I’m marrying Niall though, anyways love
    you +Ryann Minajj the whole time though I couldn’t stop staring at your
    eyes, they’re so so beautiful

  3. Rileigh a says

    That’s all…………That’s alll………………. I love you so much I
    wish I had the confidence to just to be my self and if someone doesn’t like
    it than oh well……..Love you so much!!!!!!!! pls reply if you can

  4. the special human says

    Like omg why would people eat things that a bee puked out or pooped or
    WHATEVER.. Cmon people +Ryan Minaj 

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