1. Rizi Dada says

    Can i get my 4 minutes back ??? No doubt Bieber used (A U T H E N T I C H I
    T S) to get billion of views but i think taylor swift also used this site

  2. Rotarrius says

    Talking about the song is one thing; talking about her age is quite another.
    She is FITTER than people half her age and clearly isn’t showing signs of
    slowing down. It’s quite disgusting to say that once you reach a certain
    age you should be “finished”

  3. Telekine5i5 says

    hold up 5 – 10 year girls saying i am bad bitch? wtf has the world come to?
    this is just sad..

  4. juan rodriguez says

    Thanks to all the haters for their views, Madonna and her millions of fans
    really appreciate them in the VEVO count.
    However, you can eat your evil comments .

  5. Captain Camera says

    Not that i like Bart Bakers videos, but i can’t wait to see his parody of
    this, he is gonna’ have no trouble making it.

  6. marc dany says

    Somehow I “love” all those frustrated ageist comments from people that sure
    in their age looks already worse than Madonna (What envy can do!), because
    somehow it shows how dumb and superficial is some people just because they
    cant criticize nothing really important about an artist who after 30 years
    still is doing great music and shows!…But well, haters have to
    hate….but welcome! also, with your help Madonna has 8 million views in
    two days!…after 30 years and still so relevant! she is really one of a
    kind! ;)

  7. Σωσώ Παπαδήμα says

    Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Kanye West and Miley Cyrus in
    one video…All the Illuminati’s are partying right now

  8. Clinton Cross says

    How come almost every continent on the planet is supporting this album
    except usa ? I find its strange because i thought it was more close to your
    kind of music then Europeans and middle eastern communities. Asia always
    loved Madonna and south america and Canada. Australia

  9. That Is My Prerogative says

    Madonna who do you think you are?! Britney’s team will be suing soon, she
    owns trademark to the word ‘Bitch’! 

  10. sol wack says

    In the 80s it was Madonna is too sexy, the 90s- she was too vulgar. Now its
    madonnas too old. Dont you guys get it yet? Madonna does what she wants and
    has always. She didnt change then and isnt going to change now. Shes a
    walking legend. Stop wasting your time. Best selling female artist of ALL
    TIME. BITCH shes Madonna.Just live with it. 

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