1. Bilan Riklon says

    I love Mariah,she’s the best mom n beautiful woman with beautiful
    voice…Love everything bout her…God bless you Marian…I like the way
    you JUDGE these girls…The way you judge them,makes them know win or lose
    it don’t matter, they are truly talented…I loves both girl but Kree is my
    fav lol.

  2. Frances Cozzolino says

    Gherian, Her people set the rate. The terms are negotiated before she
    accepts the contract. I didn’t say anything about the salary of the judges
    because the story only mentions her salary. That being said, yes, they are
    probably all over paid. I find it particularly humorous that my point is
    still being missed. I am simply stating that if you are receiving such a
    high pay scale, you should be able to rise above the drama. If she can get
    paid that much, more power to her…

  3. Veronica Herrera says

    NIKKI Is jealous of MC’s true talent and NM IS A LOSER to attack MC like
    this it only shows her jealousy

  4. olgabird says

    teens are getting aggrivated…well minaj sells what you chaps like…no
    wonder …soon you get bored and there will be another minaj like freak
    freaking out on your tv screen.

  5. DemarkusWorld says

    Divas is not all about class divas are not them old ass ladies its about
    style & attertube point blank nigga’ s

  6. 383trina says

    Comparing Mariah Carey to Nicki Minaj is like comparing Justin Bieber to
    Whitney Houston. Fucking pathetic. Please.

  7. Kay B says

    Out of all the judges, I think Nicki was the most honest and down to earth,
    MC was always like “oh me me me and my 100000 number ones, not everyone has
    that” crap! She bored me

  8. Lakeisha Tillman says

    Nikki acted ignorant. I am a Mariah fan. And slightly a Minaj fan. I
    prefer the way Mariah Carey carried herself. Neither artist deserves to be
    bashed or put down. Two artists clashed and had a disagreement- so what. As
    far as musical talent I choose Mariah! Opinions are like assholes, we all
    have em’!

  9. only_nicki_fans says

    Why did Barbara ran to mariah but not to nicki like nicki deserve respect
    to and Barbara only heard one side!

  10. Deyonce MC says

    Welp, Babawa wasn’t biased at all with that hard hitting report. And I
    really hate to say it but those kids look like someone sprinkled a dash of
    fetal alcohol syndrome on them. Especially the son. But at least he has a
    cool name. 

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