1. josemendoza619sandiego says

    Meek mill got all emotional and shit smh meek take this L for crying about
    it on the internet like a bitch grow up lil nigga 

  2. BDOE4LIFE OTHK 1100k says

    Personally nicki manaj is basic as fuck without make up.

    Her ass is fake

    Had to do lypo to get a better tinner waist

    Oh N she a hoe…

    Lool whats the hype about a fake booty hoe?!?!?!?! I honestly dont get it..

  3. raymondvillasana says

    Ion fuck wit joe budden at all , buuut he got a point meek acting like a
    happy ass girlfriend fr ha

  4. HuggiePacino says

    “prince voice”
    I knew a girl named Nikki
    I guess u could say she was a sex fiend
    I met her in a hotel lobby
    Masturbating with a magazine
    She said how’d u like 2 waste some time
    And I could not resist when I saw little Nikki grind

  5. Timothee25 says

    Joe was right. Then he mentioned lightskin/darkskin and lost me. Fuck that
    got to do with anything?

  6. Brandon Ellington says

    joe only said one comment and meek had like ten responses lol meek be in
    his feelings more than a bitch. And i dont really see the hype about nikki.
    If u take her weave off, make up off, and that fake asss off what do u

    -a basic bitch

  7. K RASHAWN says

    Meek been acting hella bitch-made and Hollywood since he got wit Nicki. Tf
    he going on Twitter rants for? 

  8. Selma says

    Meek is nowhere close to Joe’s level with bars are you crazy? And as far as
    people calling Joe jealous… Have you seen the long list of Spanish dimes
    Joe has been slaying for years. Meek just got his first bad chick and she
    made of plastic

  9. DotarachiVevo says

    Song is “ – yo bitch ” subscribe to my official youtube channel

  10. Dymere williams says

    Joe budden a nobody now y would meek respond to him….you gotta realize
    once u reach a certain level some ppl dont get a response 

  11. Dustin Mall says

    im a hip hop head since mid 90s with that said big fan of joe budden drops
    differrent type music that hits the soul one my favs but as far as meek not
    even comparable dudes str8 garbage! only reason he had high sales is the
    nikki relationship to make him poppin but didnt work his chitt is str8

  12. Jet li ballout says

    Joe budden may not be as nice as he is now but he a real nigga meek was
    scared to battle cass joe battle hallow took his L like a real nigga meek
    be on some fake pussy shit acting like he trill nah in 7or 8years he just
    gone be either dead or in jail another max b acting like you ready for this
    industry but you make that wack ass music and make stupid ass decions
    …and i said something because i love hip hop i rap my self and i want to
    get better im not hatin on meek its just my perspective as a real nigga to
    say how i feel on this fuu ass robert remeek fraud ass nigga

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