1. King Lucas says

    Can tell Meek’s aiming for the charts with this, cutting back on the
    swearing and getting people like Nicki and Chris on a track. Good move just
    before the release of #DWMTM

  2. Rj Stylezz says

    Even though I thought the way Nicki did Safaree was kinda bad, I honestly
    wish Nicki & Meek the best, everyone deserves a chance at happiness,
    especially with their significant other. Great song!

  3. shanice sparks says

    I bet Safaree ass mad as hell. Probably saying to his self “Why that bitch
    ain’t make a song with me?” Ctfu

  4. Nowillywonka says

    Safaree at home crying and eating ice cream….nigga bouta turn on grey’s
    anatomy and call it a day

  5. Paul Roberts says

    Is it me or does Chris Brown seem like a Cockblock on this song lmao…
    Nicki & Meek Duet rapping and Chris just there by himself singing

  6. LightskinsLivingLavish says

    I understand wat Meeks tryna do here, but I don’t wanna walk in to school
    an hear the same white girls that listen to Justin bieber and one
    direction, rapping to Meeks shit…pls meek save me from this by not tryna
    get into the charts

  7. kira charms says

    Premiering exclusively on iHeartRadio this morning, Meek Mill drops “All
    Eyes On You” featuring guest vocals from Chris Brown & Nicki Minaj.

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