1. Rhonda Ferguson says

    You know, I must say something. I just don’t know what to say, but PEACE
    and LOVE….;););) Amen, Amen and Amen……

  2. Rhonda Ferguson says

    All that fake buttox, your girl Nick is floating. Just know what you’re
    getting….. I’m just saying…;););).
    PEACE and LOVE…….

  3. Dreka Summers says

    Nicki Even Said It Herself On Instagram & Twitter She Was Dej Hype Men
    Y’all Think Way To Hard On Here About Stuff I Mean It Was A Party They Had
    To Dance Or It Would Of Look All Boring Y’all Need To Chill Out & Just
    watch The Video But She Wasn’t Stealing Her Shine She Was Simply Just
    Dancing To The Song & Feeling It I’m Pretty Sure They Wasn’t Thinking Like
    That & Meek Was Getting Hype In The Video To When He Was By Dej Its All
    Outta Love For Each Of Their Careers They Feeling Each other Music 

  4. Trap Jesus says

    its funny how dej is on the stage doing her joint but the camera man is on
    nicki and meek like wtf

  5. Pamela Nathaniel says

    This girl has real low self esteem. Like why you always trying to make it
    about you instead of giving other female rappers a opportunity to come up
    just like you did. Instead, you use your sex appeal and that fake ass of
    yours to get attention dfl I find it so funny that she only get a lot of
    views on her music when she half naked and twerkin lol FYI ppl only wanna
    see naked boo so even if you you put out good music it can’t goin matter
    how good it is if you ain’t showing ass dummy. #thot or naw? That’s why SB
    left yo ass

  6. Lisa Menedz says

    It’s not that serious. Nicki minaj was simply supporting another female
    rapper. If she would stood there and done nothing, she would of been a
    hater. Now she wants attention ? Stfu ! Clearly she don’t need it 

  7. Pamela Nathaniel says

    WafaEnt Tv yea I can blame her when yall know this girl is a attention
    whore. She will do anything to put attention on herself if another bitch
    shining just like she did to Iggy. That shows real low self esteem cuz if
    you was so the Queen like hype make you out to be you wouldn’t be paying
    these bitches no mind cuz you know your stature. Nicki scared a new bitch
    with better bars and better looks goin snatch that crown that she tried to
    snatch from the real #QueenKim

  8. roman aurelius says

    V.V negative people these days.
    Lord have mercy it’s clear that she was supporting the success of the song
    and the artist.
    And that she likes the song.
    How is showing support by dancing to A song In the back seen as stealing
    the attention from dej loaf

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