1. Monstertalon says

    Slap the shit out that fool for putting his shit kickers on the couch…

    WTF Ebro?? You do that shit at home too? Walk through dog shit and hop
    right up on the couch… Ol’ nasty ass.

  2. TKNHARV says

    team twerk started alllll this shit with youtube videos in about 2006.
    compare her shakin her shit, to the real team twerk, and cyrus would be
    embarrassed as fuck. lol
    i remember that shit like it was yesterday… soulja boy had just started
    his 15 minutes of fame.

  3. Frieza Cold says

    did Miley just say that Nicki Minaj’s Ass is amazing? Is she crazy or
    something? Cause’ from wat I heard, she sounded a little you know, crazy or
    something similar to that… IDK.

  4. Dayana Perez says

    Hahahha the twerk queen?! O please anyone can twerk better than her! Its
    bot that I hat her I just think its.a load of bullshit that she’s “the
    twerk queen” like plaese she barely has an ass to shake! 

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