1. Cat J says

    YOUR GRANDMA IS SO INSPIRATIONAL “if she wanna do that that’s her business
    not my business” why can’t all highschoolers be like your grandma. love you

  2. maha77 says

    it is like showing your grandma porn I would never do that to my grandma
    and film it. I would show her something she actually would enjoy.

  3. thiskidneedsmedicine says

    idk why the hell the volume was so loud in the beginning omg but thanks for
    watching! please leave suggestions below on videos we should do in the
    future/topics we should discuss! If you enjoyed the video, please give the
    video a big thumbs up, i love you all and i hope you have a great rest of
    the day :)

  4. Brandon Molina says

    Died at the “I watch this every night before i goto bed”. Haha. I wish we
    could have daily vlogs with you and your grandma. Life would be complete.

  5. Amel jaber Jaber says

    What’s the name of the song that comes at the end ? When the video is
    ending ??????!! PLEASE NEED IT!!

  6. Sierra Marie says

    well for being an elder lady she certainly has more understanding and
    tolerance towards things she doesnt agree with compared to some others…

  7. Adam Stephens says

    Frankly this is pretty disrespectful to your grandmother. Just saying.
    Eventually you’ll realize that your grandmother was likely right about a
    few things in life.

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