1. Barkley Small says

    Nicki didn’t deserve dat…iggy did she put out an album nd have a number 1
    hit out this year

  2. Mr.jumpman says

    Singers that don’t write there shit is common for example Johnny cash and
    Whitney Huston (R.I.P) are 2 examples but when it comes to MCing it should
    come straight from the heart for example 2pac,nas and eminem. 

  3. I〈3R&Bevolution says

    iggy stil has no barz -_- nickis old shit will kill iggys whole career.
    where the fuck is iggys barz? besides a FEW verses? lol I mean iggy is
    hella cool but she aint no rapper

  4. Christopher Isaacs says

    Nicki deserved that award!! You know why BET don’t congratulate on single
    sales it’s not the billboard awards! Iggy didn’t deserve it, And also there
    is a thing called ‘public vote’ were people vote for their artist and guess
    what Nicki won and shes winning next year as well…

  5. decepzionjames12 says

    Dam iggy might as well have a tattoo that says black on the inside. That
    bitch is the poster chiled for being a poser. 

  6. Nicki Minaj says

    Nicki Minaj ; ” When You Hear Nicki Spit , Nicki Minaj wrote it ”
    Iggy : ” when You Hear Iggy Spit , Nick Young Wrote it ”

    #Baaaaaaaaaaaaaarbz #TeamMinaj

  7. Leechelle moore says

    y would she be hatin on iggy if she rap look n dress better than iggy n she
    get more money

  8. chujwiejaki says

    Iggy is dating some monkey ?????????????? LOL OMG what a dumb bitch , take
    her negros she’s all yours! 

  9. Obeythatkiid Camii says

    Smh bruh, messy messy messy! The media is entertaining this bs & Iggy’s lil
    hard dick chin ass is too! Y’all are really starting too turn this into a


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