1. Shayla Barfield says

    Her voice doesn’t sound good. Sounds whiny and I actually really like some
    of her songs. Not being mean, just stating my opinion 

  2. Lyric Johnson says

    This Iisn’t Anacanda !! if u was a TRUEEE BARB ! u would know this is Make

  3. Jin Kazama says

    curious to know if i guess right about the song…i gave u a like for the
    big fake booty cover..but than a dislike for the false song u genius lost
    buttplug in a donkeys ass!

  4. Nichelle Gordon says

    This IS NOT Anaconda You Dumb Fucks ! Smh.. If You Know Nicki Minaj Well
    Enough You’ll Know This Is An OLD Song

  5. Sainte Ann says

    Why are people making these fake videos? Theres like 10 other videos with
    this title. The soong isn’t even out yet. -_-

    Thirsty for views, huh?

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