1. TruthIs Bingham says

    This video further shows me why I don’t like this chic. Her music is
    garbino… It bothers me that this is what young women have to look up to.
    She telling all these young impressionable girls its OK for men and women
    to objectify them and if u have a brain u really ain’t shit. I’m glad mine
    are being raised and not just growing up.

  2. Mwai Kasamale says

    A song about her rappin ass. Since MC Lyte or Queen Latifah few black
    female rappers resist the urge to objectify themselves in this business.
    Nikki wasn’t always like this, something happened at some point. Missy
    Elliot comes close but I can’t think of too many female rappers who
    resisted showing skin to sell records. That those three are gay is
    significant, not sure how but it is interesting that they were able to
    maintain. Lil’Kim, Foxy Brown now Nikki and Iggy. No doubt they have talent
    but songs like this cause fans to have doubts. Its not original, displays
    no talent relying instead on just ASS. 4/10

    I’d like to request the OLD Nikki back please.

  3. rubix187 says

    Wtf? I didn’t even get hard! I can’t fap to this shit. (Types in Britney
    Spears I’m A Slave 4 U in search engine)

  4. Gorfex says

    Who gives a fuck if her body is fake or not, its still hot and we men will
    drool over her for as long as her balloons stay inflated. So stop
    commenting all the jealous white woman and mourn over her body as you
    weren’t given curves to fuck with. Go and comment on Taylor Swift videos.
    (Im not talking about the song, im talking about her body and how white
    woman are jealous over before you correct in any matter)

  5. Shon Mulah says

    Half of you people aren’t even REAL Nicki Minaj fans…. If you jumped on
    (or off) the bandwagon during her “Super Bass” era. Fuck outta here. You’re
    a fake fan…. 

  6. Lolagate Tina says

    First things first I used to love u Niki second I’m skinny third u’re minds
    turning fucked up stop saying nigga please your vids r turning shit I’m jus
    saying my opinion not hating but seriously be who u used to be pls 

  7. shubz123 says

    It would be nice if Minaj actually rapped like she used to. She probably
    realized it is easier to make a catchy song with no lyrics than actually
    try. I guess it’s more about making money by promoting your own businesses
    than about the music. That’s when an artist loses respect. 

  8. Maurice Cassidy says

    Damn this song sucks even more with the video.
    Really sad, I was cringing throughout. A 32-year-old woman doing this shit.

  9. wyesdnil says

    Wow I’m shocked no one has said a thing about Nicki “skinny shaming” girls
    who are well skinny. You go over to Meghan Trainors “All about that bass”
    video and people flipped their shit because she was “skinny shaming”. Just

  10. hi says

    Does this remund anyine of “baby got back” I mean gurl the beats the exact
    same. The concept is the expact same. But who doesnt love BABYS GOT BACK.
    No hate im just sayin

  11. Andrea Gonzalez says

    for this fake ass cunt calling out the skiiny bitches saying fuck all the
    skinny bitchess well his skinny bitch wanna call out all the fake ass fat
    transfer muthing fucking ho’s out there like Ms Nikki Minaj. Proud to be a
    skinny bitch. Rather have a brain than a fake ol cluttered ass that needs
    to be injected from time to time or whatever the fuck. This bitch is
    retarded. Google before and after pics of this dumbass’s ass. That bitch
    natural ass was flatter than my pancakes this morning dumb ass stupid fake
    bitch go inject yourself with knowledge then come back and teach these lil
    girls who look up to you something worth learning about. No wonder we have
    so many little ho’s running around bc of this fucking clown

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