1. Lara-Del Tarantino says

    As a naturally skinny girl, this really made me feel good about myself,
    thanks for this piece of shit. 

  2. Tabitha Kane says

    Her album cover is so wrong in so many ways. This is porno. But Nicki is
    awesome, and I lover her, but she made a cheerleading song into a rap song
    about her ass. LOL. The beat of this song is called Hey bitty. Search it

  3. ThingsByCindy says

    to yall skinny gurls offended stfu. she didnt mean ‘skinny’ she meant ur
    ass. ‘fuck the skinny bitches, i wanna see all the big fat ass…’ yall
    should be embarrassed for thinking dat lmfao.

  4. Lesisha Sharessa Williams Palmer says

    Why do people who hate Nicki, still comment on her video about how much
    they hate her. Like. Go away. We all know her booty fake. We get it. 

  5. honesty90 says

    I heard Nicki Minaj passed Micheal Jackson for most hits on the billboards
    ,I’m just letting fellow Nicki fans know that haters will be out in full
    force for sure lol XD 

  6. Khalil Williams says

    every comment is iggyvsnicki

    WHY? yall just mad that iggy is smarter, can rap , doesnt have inplants ,
    isnt a whore , and doesnt talk about stupid shit . Nicki can rap but she
    just does it like she still in the hood.

  7. Sonny DMC says

    This type of shit music combined with social networking and reality tv is
    why all these young kids are messed up nowadays. I literally pray all this
    shit dies out by the time I have kids 

  8. JaeLafayette says

    Im still kind of fucked up over the fact that a guy I hooked up with put a
    sextape out of me! Theres a m video all about it on mu channel! Any advice?

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